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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Bt brinjal effect on Health?

How Bt brinjal effect on Health?

  • Bt brinjal appears to have 15 percent less calories and different alkaloid content compared to non GM brinjal. It contains 16 to 17 mg/kg Bt insecticide toxin. When fed to animals, effects were observed on blood chemistry with significant differences according to the sex of the animal or period of measurement. Other effects were on blood clotting time, total bilirubin, and alkaline phosphate in goats and rabbits.
  • Rats fed Bt brinjal had diarrhoea, increased water consumption; decrease in liver weight, and liver to body weight. Feed intake was modified in broiler chickens.
  • Bt brinjal produces a protein in the vegetable cells that induce antibiotic resistance. This is recognized as a major health problem and is inappropriate for commercial use. It may also indicate that old GM technology is being used as the technology has already moved on from antibiotic resistance marker genes.
  • Changes in lactating cows were observed in increased weight gain, intake of more dry roughage matter and milk production up by 10 to 14 percent as if they were treated by a hormone.

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